TUTTOTONDO is about creating functional furnishings, light fixtures and homewares with a twist in the tail, simple objects that look familiar and yet, different.

Tuttotondo is an Italian word borrowed from the Fine Arts. It refers to sculpture and means full-relief, i.e. something that can be viewed from all angles, that is three-dimensional, complete.

The word is also used metaphorically to mean well-rounded or multifaceted.

The idea behind TUTTOTONDO is that the design process should have consideration for all aspects of an object, and that good design should encompass them all.

This is why the products designed at TUTTOTONDO tend to have a quirky side to them, but never at the expense of their functional use. Whereas today objects that should be functional are sometimes made useless or merely decorative by extreme conceptualization, the products we design aim to provide simple and effective solutions that are innovative and playful as well as practical, low-tech, and ergonomically sound.