The Convertible is a multipurpose table that is well suited both to the home and to the small office environment, as well as to contract settings.

When open, it is a full-fledged and well equipped workstation. When closed, it is a pleasant looking table with a ‘50s feel, which does not give away its second nature and can sit up to six people around it.

The superimposed tops are designed so as to allow the user to leave his or her working tools and papers on the lower worktop, and simply close the “lid” to use the upper worktop for other purposes. When the upper top is lifted again, everything will be exactly as it was left.

Specially designed hinges ensure a slow closing motion, while the concealed accessories, such as the ribbon notice board and the connection box, make a real difference in terms of usability.

Registered design. Patent pending.


Click here to see The Convertible in action